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 With the full support of my loving wife and our family, Carolina Bladez was founded in May of 2020. 

We have a saying; "Do it right the first time, or just don't do it." My Grandfather told me this at a very young age, and it has become one of the greatest resounding memories I have of him. He was an engineer and held several patents to his name. He also collected knives, one of which remains in my personal collection and has become a family heirloom.


Naturally, I decided to follow in his footsteps and create my own products for a hobby I deeply enjoy. All of my products have been designed, machined, and tested in-house. They are fitted by hand on one of my personal knives to ensure conformity before and after production. Every aspect of my parts are designed with deliberation, function, and the end user in mind.

With a deep understanding of metallurgy, machining tolerances, years of metal working experience, design engineering, and modern manufacturing processes, I aim to put out the best aftermarket accessories on the market.

Getting it right the first time is my number one priority. If it's not right, it doesn't leave my shop.

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